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Koch Brothers Aim to Strip Protections from Federal Employees Starting with the VA, Then at All Government Agencies
Monday, July 10, 2017 (National Federation of Federal Employees)

Billionaire brothers Charles and David H. Koch are using their network of conservative organizations to push for legislation that strips essential protections for federal employees in an attempt to disrupt the federal government. The passing of the “Department of Veterans Affairs Accountability and Whistleblower Protection Act of 2017” was a damaging first step in their vision of eradicating the layers of protections awarded to hard-working federal civil servants.
Americans for Prosperity (AFP), the Koch Brothers primary political advocacy group, has been historically dangerous to government employees, advocating for limits on the collective bargaining rights of federal employee labor unions and for right-to-work laws, while opposing raising the federal minimum wage. After removing protections for employees at the VA, they now plan on manipulating Congress to pass similar laws for other agencies in their plot to reform the entire federal government. 

AFP President Tim Phillips illustrated the Koch Brothers plan as he stated, "We believe the veterans reform is a blueprint for broader reform of the entire federal bureaucracy,” and that, "we're going to be seeking that in the coming years." 

Another Koch-funded group, deceptively titled Concerned Veterans for America (CVA), pressured President Trump by visiting the White House several times and urging him to have the Senate pass the initial VA bill. CVA President Mark Lucas echoed the same plans of AFP by saying, "This is an opportunity for us at the VA to bring it to the State Department, the Department of Education, Energy, all across our government," and that, “the VA reforms are just the beginning.”

Veterans’ Affairs Secretary David Shulkin has already fired 526 VA employees since the President was inaugurated, which calls to question the true intent of the new VA law. Supporters of the new VA law claimed that it needed because it was impossible to fire employees under the former law. The number of VA employees fired was hidden until the bill was passed, and the number of fired employees is only expected to increase at an even higher rate. 
NFFE is fighting to stop any additional laws that serve no purpose other than to politicize the federal government. Unfortunately, the Koch Brothers and their expansive network of support is well on their way to pushing for more destructive government-wide measures. 

Post Covention NFFE Bylaws Changes
Wednesday, October 26, 2016 (National Federation of Federal Employees)

With the festivities of NFFE’s 50th National Convention coming to a close last month, delegates charted a clear path forward for NFFE over the next four years. First, delegates elected new National Officers. Following the election of a new National Executive Council (NEC), delegates then spent numerous days proposing, debating, amending and voting on numerous changes to NFFE’s bylaws. While the changes voted on by delegates are pending final approval from the IAMAW Grand Lodge, below is a synopsis of the major changes voted on by NFFE-IAM members.

  • Ensuring transparency and Local participation. Now, the National President, per the bylaws, must notify all Councils and Locals when there is a vacancy on the NEC, standing committee or staff position that the National President is planning to fill by appointment. This will guarantee that Councils and Locals have the opportunity to weigh in with suggestions prior to the appointment being made.
  • Clarifying rules on Convention Delegate selection. The Convention body made two changes to ensure the proper seating of convention delegates. Article 3.2 was altered to clarify how delegates get selected. Delegates also changed the bylaws to give the Credentials Committee express authority to issue rules on how they will validate delegates who show up to convention. The Credentials Committee is also authorized to modernize the validation process.

  • Due process guarantees. Delegates inserted a provision that expressly limits the power of the National President with regard to Councils. Article 3.3 requires that the NEC approve the disbandment of a Council and also requires that the Council have an opportunity to be notified before any decision is made.

  • Independent oversight. Convention delegates voted to add an outside trustee to assist in auditing NFFE’s finances. This person will work with two other trustees who are National Vice Presidents (NVP). Previously, all three trustees were NVPs.

  • Ranked-choice voting. Delegates voted to give the Election Committee the authority to use ranked-preference voting (RVC), a system of voting long-advocated for by good-governance reform organizations. RVC allows voters to rank a series of candidates in their order of preference to eliminate runoff voting and to produce more democratic election results.

  • Altering floor candidate nominations for the NEC. Delegates added language to the bylaws requiring a 2/3 vote to allow nominations from the convention floor for National Office. This amendment was sought in hopes of promoting candidate campaigns that actively engage with delegates ahead of National Conventions, making the election process more democratic.

  • Increasing access to candidates for National Office. Delegates added language requiring NFFE to post information about the candidates for National Office on the members-only section of the website. The posted information may contain links to candidate websites and other social media maintained by the candidates. As with prior amendments, this language is intended to foster a greater discussion of candidate platforms.

Upon approval from the IAMAW Grand Lodge, the new NFFE National bylaws shall be enacted shortly thereafter. Upon approval and enactment, NFFE will make the newly-amended bylaws widely available for Councils, Locals and members. 

Randy Erwin Elected NFFE National President Wednesday,
September 28, 2016

Orlando, Fla. – Today, delegates to the 50th NFFE National Convention in Lake Buena Vista, Fla. elected Randy Erwin as National President of the National Federation of Federal Employees with 86% of the total vote. David Stamey was elected as National Secretary-Treasurer with 60% of the total vote.
"I am honored to be elected the next National President of the National Federation of Federal Employees," NFFE National President-elect Randy Erwin said. "As the country’s first federal employee union, NFFE has a rich history of fighting for federal employees. I look forward to contributing to that storied history and growing this union over the next four years. Federal employees and NFFE members can count on me to be a relentless advocate for federal workers."

Convention delegates also elected seven At-Large National Vice Presidents. Those winners are (in order of vote percentage): Patricia La Sala (92%), Robert Arnold (85%), Roosevelt Davis (80%), Gerald “Jerry” McCarthy (77%), Mark Davis (74%), Karen Mora (64%) and Bob Beckley (60%).

NFFE Encourages Local Lodge Compliance Program Attendance.

In a recent e-mail from Northwest Business Representative Steve Flory, he encourages every Local Lodge elected officer to attend the upcoming Local Lodge Compliance Program. The program is scheduled for the week beginning Sunday, January 31st and ending Friday, February 5th. He also stated that official time may not be allowed and to use annual leave if necessary. 

To date only 7 people are signed up with a requirement of 12 required to secure the necessary enrollments. Sign ups must be completed by January 15th. Let's get Local 7 signed up and show our solidarity and compliance!

See the attached documents for more information or contact Steve Flory at Flory@nffe.org,or (208) 667-1346

Block Schedule
Current Roster

NFFE Local 7 Election Results 2015
November 24th 2015

President: Jim Bramell 15

Vice President: Terry Surratt 10
Bob Rinehart  5

Secretary-Treasurer: Virgil Salcedo 15

Recording Secretary: Jeff Hepler 15

Conductor Sentinel: Jeremiah Harris 15

Trustee: Robin Duke 14

See full article here

NFFE and Allies Send Letter to President Regarding Data Breach
Thursday, July 16, 2015 (National Federation of Federal Employees)

Earlier this week, NFFE, in collaboration with the Federal Workers Alliance (FWA), delivered a letter to President Obama expressing the frustrations federal employees are feeling in the wake of the recent OPM cyber security breach. The letter relayed the deep concerns of Union members concerning the failure of OPM to protect workers' sensitive information and to demand answers concerning the scope, severity, and implications of this cyber security attack.

See the letter in pdf format.

OPM Security Breach information

Hackers may have hacked the personal data of up to 18 million current and former Federal employees (according to a recent CNN report). For updated information visit the OPM website.

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The Federal Workers Alliance is a coalition of 20 labor unions, collectively representing over 300,000 federal workers government-wide and more than 9 million workers in all sectors of employment. For more information, go to www.federalworkers.org

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