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Follow the Instructions Below to Join.

Please read through this entire section prior to completing the forms.

To Join, Check with your steward to insure eligibility. You must be included in the Bargaining Unit Employee listing with your agency.

1.) Access and complete the necessary forms and applications by clicking on the following links.

A.) Complete Standard Form SF 1187.
B.) Return to this page to complete the NFFE FL7 application.

2.) Deliver using one of the following methods (a thru d), listed in the order of our preference;
A.) Fill out the forms online and send electronically via e-mail to your assigned District:

Portland District
NFFE FL7 Recording Secretary, Ben.F.Hier

Walla Walla District
NFFE FL7 President, James.E.Bramell@usace.army.mil

 USDA, Rural Development
Isaac Bright, isaacbright@hotmail.com  

B.) Fill out the forms online, print, and provide them to your union representative.
C.) Download and print the blank forms, complete the forms manually, and provide them to your union representative.

D.) Print the completed forms, and provide your member contact information on a separate sheet of paper. Seal all of the documents in a stamped envelope and drop in the mail to the appropriate address below.

Portland District:

Recording Secretary
PO Box 40795
Portland, OR 97240-0795

Walla Walla District:

NFFE FL7 President
100 Fair Street
Clarkston, WA 99403

USDA - Rural Development
Recording Secretary
PO Box 40795
Portland, OR 97240-0795

Thank you for becoming a dues paying member and welcome from your fellow union brothers and sisters!

Terms to withdraw;
You must complete one year as a paying member. At any time after your first anniversary date, fill out form
SF 1188 to stop your deductions.